The Important Role Of A Water Charity For Africa

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Bringing safe, clean drinking water to people in Africa and the rest of the developing world is the primary goal of a water charity for Africa. The role that these African water charities play impact millions of men, women, and children in Liberia and other countries currently without access to sanitary water sources. Most of the work done by these charities is performed in Sub-Saharan Africa where the need for safe water is greatest.

How Clean Water Charities Benefit Africa

Delivering communities in Africa with safe, clean drinking water has the power to transform the lives of countless people. In developing countries, an estimated 80-90 percent of illnesses are associated with poor water and hygiene conditions. Waterborne diseases like cholera and typhoid fever run rampant in undeveloped countries due to a lack of water treatment measures. Bacteria, tiny worms, and other contaminants in the water that families drink, cook with, and bathe in on a daily basis. This means that every glass of water could potentially result in a major illness or even death for a person in Africa.

Clean water charities make a difference by helping communities in Africa gain access to safe, clean water in a location near their community. When a well is built with help from water charities and generous donations and sponsorships, African communities are able to drink, cook, and clean without fear of illness. They also do not need to spend hours a day walking to find the closest water source, which is usually contaminated nonetheless. This allows more time for parents to focus on their work and children to attend school where they can learn to better themselves.

Drilling Wells to Help Save Lives

Even developing countries that have plenty of water may not have the resources necessary to access it. That is why clean water charities work hard to help communities in these regions through the building of wells. Just a small investment can mean access to safe, clean water for an entire community. There are a number of ways that a well can be dug, ranging from traditional hand-dug wells to more modern wells that are drilled using machinery like rigs. These machines are able to dig down hundreds of feet which reduces the risk of injury to volunteers.

The well drilling process can be complex, especially in areas that have rocky soil or where contamination runs deep. When an adequate location is found for a well, a village committee comes together to help dig the well to about 150 to 200 feet on average using a rig. Rigs are often more cost effective than other machinery and they are also portable. Once a hole has been dug, a casing is installed to prevent the hole from collapsing and to keep debris from polluting the water. A hand pump and mechanism can then be installed to allow community members to easily access clean water.

How The Last Well Is Taking Action

Although Liberia is a beautiful country on the coast that has many amazing qualities, it has long suffered after a 14-year civil war that finally ended in 2003. The war destroyed the country’s water infrastructure making it difficult for communities to gather the necessary resources to fund water projects. To make matters worse, Liberia is among one of the poorest countries in the world and lacks access to (and the financial means to reliably secure) safe, clean drinking water.

The Last Well is a water charity for Africa with a specific goal of providing the entire country of Liberia with access to safe drinking water and the gospel by the year 2020. The charity is the vision of a group of young Christians from Washington D.C., led by Todd Phillips. With strong partnerships with other organizations and donations from individuals and businesses interested in helping, The Last Well has reached more than 2 million Liberians in Africa with clean water and the gospel through the completion of more than 8,000 safe-drinking water projects.

Learn More About Water Charities For Africa

For people living in developing countries like Liberia, having safe, clean water that is easily accessible is everything. If you want to participate in this worthy cause and make a difference in the lives of countless men, women, and children, join The Last Well’s cause today! Start a fundraiser, provide a one-time or monthly donation, or share information about The Last Well with your friends on social media. There is a way for everyone to take action. For more information about the important role of a water charity for Africa, contact The Last Well today.

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