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Crossing the finish line

We did it! Our original 12-year, $31 million mission to bring clean water and the good news of the gospel to Liberia has been accomplished. Liberia is the only developing country in history with full basic access to clean water within a 15-minute walking distance of each community.

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Join us and become an actor on the stage of history, making significant, long-term commitments to our mission.

Full Transparency

Frequently Asked Questions

Clean water is transparent, just like us. We are committed to ethical financial stewardship and transparency. Have a question we haven't answered? Don't hesitate, ask us today.

  • Q. Is The Last Well a non-profit?

    The Last Well is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to providing sustainable clean drinking water solutions in the areas of greatest need around the world.  

  • Q. How is The Last Well different from other charities?

    Many charities are doing incredible work, bringing sustainable water solutions to people in need around the world.  What makes us different is we’re the first and only organization to reach an entire nation (Liberia, West Africa) with basic drinking water access.  We used the United Nations definition of basic water access to develop a plan to reach every community with clean water in Liberia.  Now that we’ve reached our goal in Liberia, we’re using the data-driven system we developed to bring clean water access to more countries border-to-border. 

  • Q. Why does The Last Well only work in certain countries?

    Since our focus is on border-to-border initiatives, we put all of our effort and resources into countries where we can have the greatest impact with our strategy.  We’re also committed to working in areas of the world that are the most challenging.  These areas often have very few organizations working in the clean water space and often have no organizations focusing on who we call the “forgotten ones” who live in the remotest regions.  We go where others won’t.

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