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Liberia Is Finished!

Watch these short videos to see the epic journey we took to reach every community in Liberia with clean water.

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The Water Crisis

1 in 9 lack access to safe
clean drinking water

Water + Safety

Without a nearby safe water source, women and children make multiple trips daily walking countless miles and spending hundreds of hours fetching their drinking water from dangerous polluted water sources.

Water + Education

Children, often young girls, are kept from going to school to collect the dirty and contaminated water that frequently induces water-borne illness causing students to fall behind from missing classes.

Water + Poverty

Ultimately, when the children do not attend school, they are not prepared to work outside of the home. Unable to earn an income, they remain in a cycle of poverty.

Water + Health

Among the top ten leading causes of death in the world is diarrhea, estimated to have accounted for 1.5 million deaths in 2012, the majority of these deaths were preventable by having access to clean water.

Where We've Been & Where We're Going

It took us twelve years to reach the entire nation of Liberia, West Africa with border-to-border water access, saving the lives of an estimated 150,000 men women and children and brining health and hope to 3.2 Million.

Now we're embarking on an epic quest to bring clean water to three countries in three years.  Join us as we bring clean water to the Asia Pacific (Marshall Islands, Fiji, and Solomon Islands). 

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Transform Communites

Now, more than ever, we need your involvement to transform entire communities by helping to eliminate preventable water related deaths and disease caused by the nation’s water crisis.

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Join us and become an actor on the stage of history, making significant, long-term commitments to our mission.

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Become an actor on the stage of history by making significant, long-term commitments to our mission.

Full Transparency

Frequently Asked Questions

Clean water is transparent, just like us. We are committed to ethical financial stewardship and transparency. Have a question we haven't answered? Don't hesitate, ask us today.

  • Q. Is The Last Well a non-profit?

    The Last Well is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to providing sustainable clean drinking water solutions in the areas of greatest need around the world.  

  • Q. How is The Last Well different from other charities?

    Many charities are doing incredible work, bringing sustainable water solutions to people in need around the world.  What makes us different is we’re the first and only organization to reach an entire nation (Liberia, West Africa) with basic drinking water access.  We used the United Nations definition of basic water access to develop a plan to reach every community with clean water in Liberia.  Now that we’ve reached our goal in Liberia, we’re using the data-driven system we developed to bring clean water access to more countries border-to-border. 

  • Q. Why does The Last Well only work in certain countries?

    Since our focus is on border-to-border initiatives, we put all of our effort and resources into countries where we can have the greatest impact with our strategy.  We’re also committed to working in areas of the world that are the most challenging.  These areas often have very few organizations working in the clean water space and often have no organizations focusing on who we call the “forgotten ones” who live in the remotest regions.  We go where others won’t.

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