Top Charities For Africa in 2019

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There are few greater feelings than knowing that your time, money, or effort is going towards a great cause. There is a growing need for help in many parts of the world, including the continent of Africa. If you’re looking for a place where you can really make a difference in Africa for the new year, you’ve come to the right place. Listed below are our choices for the top charities for Africa in 2020.

H20 for Life

H2O for Life, is a non-profit organization with multiple projects that help bring water to many developing nations. Through service-learning activities in the United States and Canada, students learn about the need for water in third-world countries and the rigorous methods children just like them endure to get water, much of it unclean.

Students at partner schools do things like carrying a gallon of water on their head at “water walks” to fund the various projects at H2O for Life. The funds from these student-involved events help African countries like Uganda, Ethiopia, Mozambique, as well as projects in India, Nicaragua, and Honduras.

Water to Thrive

Could you imagine using a well in modern Western society? Believe it or not, many countries around the world rely on systems like wells to bring water that’s essential for everyday life and good health. Austin, TX-based non-profit, Water to Thrive, helps builds water wells to needing countries in Africa. Their mission? “Water to Thrive transforms lives in rural Africa by working with partners and beneficiaries to bring the blessing of clean, safe water, connecting communities in need with those who have the heart and spirit to make a difference.” Water to Thrive attributes the success of their efforts to their listed values: Stewardship, Transparency, Impact, Accountability, Integrity, and Empowerment.

The Last Well

The Last Well is a faith-based non-profit that seeks to bring safe-drinking water to the country of Liberia. Highlighting their goals “in Jesus’ name,” The Last Well chose Liberia specifically because of its pressing need for clean water for the country’s inhabitants. The lack of clean, drinkable water has been the motivation for this organization to build wells and provide the people of Liberia access to an abundant source of water many are in need or. They have highlighted these five fundamental factors as part of their mission:

  • Child survival
  • Quality of life
  • Village health
  • Local economy
  • Education

So, of all places, why Liberia? The Last Well did an evaluation and found that this is where the greatest need as well as the greatest challenge to bring adequate water is. Once they decided on Liberia, the rest was history! Since then, The Last Well has provided water resources to over 2 million Liberians since its inception 10 years ago. By the year 2020, The Last Well seeks to close out by providing water to an estimated 1 million residents remaining in Liberia without clean water. Want to be part of this progressive movement? You can help to eliminate the water crisis in
Liberia in just moments.

African Food and Peace Foundation

African Food and Peace Foundation, dubbed AFPF for short, is based in Boston, MA. For over 35 years, this non-profit organization has dedicated itself to providing much-needed resources to the East African region. By hosting annual fundraisers and collaborating with likeminded partners, AFPF uses the proceeds to fund multiple projects, geared to further developing the eastern part of the continent. The funds and efforts associated with this organization have created great strides in health and wellness for many young boys, young girls, and other residents in need.

Charity Water

Charity Water, a non-profit based in New York City, recognizes the importance of clean water as a readily available source, worldwide. That’s why they’ve dedicated their efforts bringing clean water to the 10% of the world that doesn’t have access. With over 600 million people consuming only dirty, disease-ridden water, Charity Water is closing the gap by raising funds to help solve the water crisis. By finding local partners throughout the globe, Charity Water is able to create sources to sustainable water for needy communities in African countries.

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