Todd Phillips

Founder & CEO

About Todd

Dr. Todd Phillips is passionate about giving life and hope to the 700 million people who lack access to safe, reliable drinking water and as a result, is committed to ending thirst in our generation.  He is the Founder and President of The Last Well, a non-profit that provided basic water access to an entire developing nation for the first time in history. Liberia is now the first developing country in the world with border-to-border basic access to clean water.  Through its success in Liberia, The Last Well has changed the implementation of water provision through humanitarian aid around the world. 

Six years into the twelve-year $31M initiative in Liberia, it became clear to Todd that non-profit, donor-based solutions, were extremely helpful to the recipients of the aid they provided, but two challenges remained: 1)The “free water culture” created by non-profit solutions, and 2) the medium- to long-term sustainability of the water projects which is heavily reliant on a continuous flow of donor funds.  So, Todd set out to find profitable, scalable, water solutions from across the globe that addressed these two challenges.  Out of this search, 3iRST, LLC was born.
In addition to leading The Last Well, Todd is the Founder and CEO of 3iRST; a first-of-its-kind water solutions aggregator specializing in developing national water solution strategies.  Combining profitable and scalable water solution companies and technologies with ongoing non-profit work, 3iRST provides a holistic solution which increases the upside for all stakeholders and minimizes many of the challenges.

501(c)(3) non-profit organization
EIN: 26-4008579