Why Us?

At The Last Well, our goal is to eliminate water scarcity in Liberia in Jesus’ name. We also know that by helping our neighbors across the globe get access to safe-drinking water and the Gospel, we are providing an opportunity for Christ-followers to be agents of change for those in the world with the greatest need.


Our Mission is to provide access to safe-drinking water for the entire nation of Liberia, border to border, and offer the gospel to every community we serve, by 2020.

Our Values

Honor God…

by ensuring that our ultimate mission of preaching the Gospel to every village we serve is never eclipsed by our earthly ministry of providing clean water. We use the provision of safe-drinking water as a tool to show God’s love in a practical way that earns us the right to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with those we serve.

Nurture passion…

in Christ-followers to give passionately to the redeeming work of God around the world.

Create Strong Partnerships..

with organizations that have an equal passion for enlarging the footprint of God through preaching the Good News and meeting people’s greatest earthly needs.

Model Stewardship…

by using funds in the most strategic, responsible, ethical, and efficient way possible to accomplish our mission and create confidence in those who give.

Our History

The vision to eliminate water scarcity and take the Gospel to all of Liberia, West Africa by the year 2020 was birthed in 2008 by Christian young adults at a church in Washington D.C. led by Todd Phillips.

They were inspired by the movie Amazing Grace that chronicled the life of William Wilberforce who is credited with the historic feat of ending the slave trade in England. Together, these young adults set out to make their own history and rallied around the cause of providing a nation access to safe-drinking water and the good news of Jesus Christ.

Todd relocated his family and the non-profit organization to the Dallas area in 2011. Though he continued raising money and awareness around the cause of water scarcity, waterborne illnesses and water related death in Liberia, a year later the organization’s efforts began to slow.

In the Spring of 2013, a fundraiser was held in Heath, Texas with the intention of revitalizing efforts to complete the mission of bringing water and the Gospel to the entire nation of Liberia by 2020.

What began as a vision-casting dinner with five couples grew into an interest meeting of more than 150 potential donors. As a result of that now historic gathering, the organization received over $3 million in funding and donor commitments.  In June of the same year, Todd was appointed Executive Director of The Last Well and asked to oversee the organization’s operations full time.

Since 2008, The Last Well has reached over 1.7 Million Liberians with safe-drinking water and access to the gospel.

William Wilberforce

The Last Well Founder and CEO

Todd Phillips, the visionary Founder and Executive Director of The Last Well, is passionate about eradicating water borne illness in Liberia and sharing the Gospel with every village that is transformed through the provision of clean drinking water by the year 2020.

After a radical conversion experience at age 24, Todd devoted the next 20 years to reaching primarily young adults around the world with the life-transforming message of Jesus Christ as an evangelist and pastor.

Fifteen of those years were spent serving as pastor to four young adult focused, evangelistic ministries: Austin Metro (Austin, Texas), San Antonio Metro (San Antonio, Texas), and The Soul Café Church (Kerrville, Texas), as well as serving as the pastor of Frontline Church, a ministry to young adults in Washington D.C. These four ministries combined reached over 40,000 young adults with the Gospel.

He recently served as Teaching Pastor at Lake Pointe Church in Rockwall, Texas before taking on his current fulltime role with The Last Well in March 2013.

His vision for The Last Well came while he was the Senior Pastor of Frontline Church in Washington D.C. Many of the young adults who regularly attended one of ten Frontline Campuses around D.C. saw the movie, “Amazing Grace.” God used the movie, chronicling the life of William Wilberforce, a Christ follower credited with ending the slave trade in the U.K., to create an otherworldly passion in the hearts and minds of the 4,000 young adults who were part of the church.

They came to Todd Phillips asking, “Why can’t we see God END something in our generation like he did when he ended the slave trade through William Wilberforce?”

From that question, The Last Well was born.

Todd asked two simple questions:

What is the greatest need in the world?

Where is the most challenging place in the world?

Quickly, Todd realized that the greatest need was access to safe-drinking water.

Then research and prayer drew his attention to Liberia, the second poorest country in the world according to the United Nations, and the most miserable place in the world according to the CIA World Fact Book’s Misery Index.

The mission became clear: provide clean water and the Gospel to the entire nation of Liberia by 2020 and in doing so, providing an answer to the question of how young adults in DC could END something in their generation, creating their very own “Wilberforce Moment.”

Partnered Together

Our ministry and business partners in the U.S. and Liberia are a major reason that we move closer each day to reaching our historic mission to end Liberia’s water crisis and share the Gospel with every Liberian we serve by 2020.

Our Liberia-based partners provide matching grants and cost sharing programs. Their teams in the field drill wells, share the Gospel and connect villagers to local or regional churches.

Our business partners are responsible for a huge amount of our fundraising in the United States. They also help us create awareness about our historic mission to take water and the Gospel border-to-border in Liberia.

We are blessed to have such effective field partners as well as a great diversity of companies that have made significant, long-term commitments to our mission.

To learn more about these businesses and ministries, visit their websites via the links provided below.