Why Liberia?

Todd asked two simple questions:

1.What is the greatest need in the world?

2.Where is the most challenging place in the world?

These were the core questions that guided Todd Phillips and a group of Washington D.C. young adults looking to champion a cause and make history through meeting a humanitarian need in Christ’s name.

It quickly became clear that water was the greatest need. But, where was the most challenging place in the world?

Research led the group to the nation of Liberia. Liberia, West Africa is a beautiful coastal country that was known for decades as the Paris of West Africa. In 1990 that all changed with the start of what became a fourteen-year civil war that ended in 2003. As a result of nearly a decade and a half of conflict, 250,000 Liberians died and the infrastructure of the entire country was decimated. Year after year, Liberia is consistently in the bottom five poorest countries and one of the top five most miserable countries in the world, according to statistics kept by organizations like the UN, the CIA, and USAID.

The answers were clear…

1.The greatest need: WATER

2.The most challenging place: LIBERIA

Water Crisis in Africa, Liberia


Our Mission is to provide access to safe-drinking water for the entire nation of Liberia, border to border, and offer the gospel to every community we serve, by 2020.

Reaching Every Man, Woman and Child

The idea of actually reaching every man, woman, and child in a nation seemed daunting, especially since such an audacious goal had never been accomplished anywhere in the world. But knowing that accomplishing this task could completely eliminate the unnecessary burden of water related disease and death, also made it the perfect opportunity to show God’s ability to accomplish something bigger than men can accomplish on their own.

Providing access to clean water and offering the Gospel to every Liberian would mean changing countless lives in the present while changing their eternal destinies at the same time. We believe we can remedy the problem of water scarcity in Liberia by reaching the remaining 900,000 Liberians who still lack access to clean water by the year 2020.

We believe Liberia will be the first of many nations that will benefit from border-to-border clean water initiatives in the coming years. Join us as we accomplish this historic mission. Your move!