Partnered Together

Our ministry and business partners in the U.S. and Liberia are a major reason that each day we move closer to reaching our historic mission to end Liberia’s water crisis and share the Gospel with every Liberian we serve by 2020.

Our Liberia-based partners provide matching grants and cost sharing program. They have field teams that drill wells, share the Gospel and connect villagers to local or regional churches.

Our business partnerships are responsible for a huge amount of our fundraising in the United States. They also help us create awareness about our historic mission to take water and the Gospel border-to-border in Liberia.

We are blessed to have such effective field partners as well as a great diversity of companies that have made significant, long-term commitments to our mission.

To learn more about these businesses and ministries, visit their websites via the links provided below.



The Last Well is honored to be accredited by the following associations:

ECFA Accredited
IP Accredited