First off, you rock!!!

Your monthly support is a game changer for our teams in the field, because it allows them to constantly save the lives of men, women and children in Liberia every day.

Now we are asking you not to give more but to SHARE MORE! The 3XLife campaign is our 90 Day Challenge for this year’s World Water Day to triple your impact for the nation of Liberia!

“Do what you can, do it with others, and do it with passion.”
– Guy Ryder, Chair of UN-Water

3 ways to Take part in the 3xLIFE

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Find Your 3!

INVITE and CHALLENGE 3 of your friends to do what you do, GIVE MONTHLY!

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Send to 3XLIFE.ORG

SEND your friends, family and co-workers to 3XLIFE.ORG to learn more about LIVING THE 3XLIFE!

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Spread the Word!

POST your favorite 3XLIFE image on SOCIAL MEDIA, encouraging others to live the 3XLIFE!

Social Sharing is as easy as 1-2-3!


Right click on an image below and choose to “Save As” to your computer or phone.


Post the saved image to your social media feeds and pages, encouraging others to live the 3XLIFE!


Link the posted 3XLIFE image to 3XLIFE.ORG and watch your impact triple!

3XLIFE.ORG: Be 1 of My 3
3XLIFE.ORG: Be 1 of My 3
3XLIFE.ORG: Be 1 of My 3
3XLIFE.ORG: Be 1 of My 3