Good Morning Girls Christmas Challenge

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Good Morning Girls,

It's Angela with a challenge this Christmas…let's change an entire nation in the name of Christ!

We've decided to partner with THE LAST WELL, a Christian organization with a God-sized mission: TO PROVIDE CLEAN WATER TO THE ENTIRE NATION OF LIBERIA – BORDER TO BORDER – AND SHARE JESUS WITH EVERY PERSON WE SERVE. So far, TLW has reached over 200,000 men, women and children in Liberia with water and the Gospel. The goal is to reach every Liberian with water and the Gospel by the end of THIS DECADE! I believe we can help them meet this goal even FASTER and thereby help save more lives in the process!

Let's make a difference in our generation for Christ by serving one of the poorest countries in the world. Watch the two videos on this page, pray, and then give. Imagine what 16,000 Good Morning Girls could do giving just $10 each. We could provide clean water and the Gospel to thousands of Liberians, saving lives now and changing eternal destinies as well.

Pray about adding THE LAST WELL to your Christmas list. Take the amount of your average gift for Christmas and donate it to TLW.

Let's be women who not only read God's Word together, but CHANGE God's World TOGETHER!!! I believe, we are here for "such a time as this!"
Please join us this Christmas and help change a nation in the name of Jesus, one water well at a time!

Love God GREATLY!!!

I am hoping to raise $10,000 for THE LAST WELL. So far I have raised $12,601. If you would like to contribute to THE LAST WELL, please fill out the form below:
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For those who prefer to send a check please Make checks payable to:
The Last Well attn. Todd Phillips
PO BOX 1153
Rowlett, TX 75030.
If your donation is meant to support an individual or a specific fundraiser, please note the beneficiary on the check or include the information in a note with your donation.  This way we will be able to record your donation properly. Thank you for your gift!
The mission of The Last Well is to provide safe drinking water to the entire nation of Liberia and preach the Message of Jesus Christ to those we serve.
We pursue this mission in order to:
  1. Serve and give credit to God alone.
  2. Share the message of Jesus Christ with every Liberian.
  3. Challenge other Christian organizations to create a movement to provide clean water and proclaim the Gospel in other countries around the world.
  4. Encourage the people of God to provide the majority of the finances for this movement, as well as engaging in evangelistic activity in Liberia.
  5. Show the world that this generation of Christ-followers is serious about living out God’s purpose for the church to be the agent of change for the world, regardless of the need.
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  • Amanda Eller
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  • Emily Holley
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