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You, your family, friends, company, can really transform an entire village on the islands of Fiji, Solomon, and Marshall.
Giving hope and healing to every man, woman and child.



Partner with one other donor to transform an entire community with clean drinking water.



Give monthly to transform an entire community with clean drinking water.



Give monthly to transform TWO communities with clean drinking water.



Give monthly to transform THREE communities with clean drinking water.



Give monthly to transform FIVE communities with clean drinking water.



Give monthly to transform TEN communities with clean drinking water.

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Our pictures, videos and stories are simple messages that you can share on your social media pages, creating opportunities for others to learn more and get involved to become actors on the stage of history – like you!

Start A Fundraiser

Starting your own fundraiser is one of the best ways you can make a difference in the lives of people who lack access to life-giving water.  Look at the examples below to get some ideas of how others are using their birthdays, sports, and holidays to transform the world.  
Then click on the link and join us and together we’ll reach the islands of Fiji, Solomon Islands and Marshall Islands with clean water, hope, and a future. 

Your move!


Launch a fundraiser with all your friends and family to help raise money for our cause.


Celebrate your birthday by collecting donations for a great cause at the same time.


Running a marathon, skydiving, or anything in between? Let your adventures help raise funds.


Grow a mustache, shave your head, dance all day. Do a challenge while doing it for a cause.


Play a video game or do a live, engage your audience and encourage them to donate for our cause!


Try giving up a gift or two this holiday season and ask for donations instead.

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