Fundraising Story: Whitney Jenkins

by | Jun 7, 2016 | Clean Water News, Fundraisers, Stories

whitney jenkinsWhitney Gave Up Her Birthday & Transformed An Entire Village!

With her last birthday, Whitney Jenkins raised more than $4,000 to bring the Gospel and clean water to an entire village in Liberia. Whitney was just 16 years-old when she first felt called to be a world-changer, and now at age 22, she says she’s only getting started.

Whitney’s story started at church camp with a prayer asking God to show her what it meant to give her all. After seeing a video about the world’s water crisis and being challenged to give, Whitney decided to give every penny she had totaling $1,700.

Since this experience, she has found a way to provide clean water to people around the world every year. She has sold buttons, led a Christmas campaign, and even gave up her own birthday. In the last five years, God has used Whitney to raise over $30,000 to build 10 wells and reach thousands with the Gospel and clean water.

Whitney passionately believes that, “People will want to know our God when they actually see Him reflected in our lives by our actions.” She prays that her own efforts to bring the Gospel and clean water to Liberians would compel each of us to consider starting our own campaigns.

Be a world-changer like Whitney! Start your own fundraising page and invite your friends, family, and co-workers. You can give up your birthday, run a marathon, or celebrate a holiday with those you know to see the entire nation of Liberia transformed by the Gospel & Clean Water by 2020.


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