Safe Water Systems For Families

by | Jun 1, 2016 | Clean Water News, Safe Water Systems

safe water systems

We are celebrating new life in the most remote areas of Liberia!

With The Last Well’s Safe Water Systems for Families, we’ve been blessed to serve more than 50 villages with the Gospel & clean water in the past eight months.

Since our last Safe Water System update, we’ve shipped in more than 67,000 filters to Liberia with more than 600 of those already being used by families in Liberia!

But it gets better…we are scheduled to double the number of people served in the next 30 days, and triple in the next 60 days with our teams in the field. These families will no longer have to drink the water pictured below, but will now have access to safe clean drinking water and will be offered the Gospel.

Watch the video below to see the Safe Water System at work!

We thank God for His provision and how He brought us together with Sawyer Products for this great partnership.

Over the next 55 months, The Last Well and its partners will be installing all 100,000 Safe Water Systems throughout Liberia in the most remote regions.

Many of the families will hear the name of Jesus for the FIRST TIME! They will come to know of His great love for them–that He has sought them out to bring them physical healing through the gift of clean water & eternal life in His name.