Peter Flomo: One of God’s Heroes in Liberia

by | Sep 10, 2015 | Clean Water News, Stories

Pastor Peter Flomo is one of those rare few who have decided to live out one of our favorite quotes: “One person totally devoted to God can do infinitely more than a thousand that have simply been awakened by God’s Spirit.” Peter serves as our National Director of Operations in Liberia, coordinating our water provision teams across a rough and unyielding terrain full of both physical and spiritual potholes and broken bridges.

As you watch his story, be inspired by the fact that God has put you and Peter on the same team, working together to make sure every Liberian has access to clean water and has heard the message of Jesus Christ by 2020.

Click HERE to help Peter serve the thousands of families who still need help by 2020. $79 will provide one family with the Gospel and water for life. Give today so Peter can bring clean water and the Gospel to the family or families you decided to financially support.

Your move!