Meet Our Newest Fundraisers

by | May 19, 2016 | Clean Water News, Fundraisers


Thousands of people have already launched their very own Personal Fundraisers for The Last Well! Here’s just a few of the ordinary people, just like you, who are making extraordinary difference in the lives of other people, especially those who are in Liberia.

Fundraisers: Climbing For A Cause

These people combined the breathtaking beauty of the mountains with the desire to make a positive difference in Liberia. The money raised for their mountain climbing adventure went straight to The Last Well.

latest-fundraisers-chris          latest-fundraisers-sarah          latest-fundraisers-becky

Fundraisers: Birthday For A Cause

These people gave up their birthday gifts and asked for donations to The Last Well instead — best birthday celebration ever! Will you consider giving up your birthday to help Liberians get clean water and the Gospel?

latest-fundraisers-tari          latest-fundraisers-whitney          latest-fundraisers-alana

latest-fundraisers-daniel          latest-fundraisers-quincy          latest-fundraisers-melodie

Now it’s your turn! Join these everyday do-gooders and start your own Personal Fundraiser today!