Jesus and Technology: A Life-Transforming Combination

by | Jan 26, 2016 | Clean Water News


Here at The Last Well, we’re constantly looking for more efficient and effective ways for you to track the work we’re doing together in Liberia to bring the Gospel and clean water to the entire nation. We already keep track of the following information on over 1500 communities where we’ve provided clean water and offered the Gospel:

  • GPS coordinates of the water source
  • Name of the community
  • Number of people in each community reached with the Gospel and clean water
  • Names and contact information for local and regional pastors serving the community
  • Stories of life-change through the presentation of the Gospel
  • Information about churches planted in and around each water source as a result of our work
  • Details about the water source including depth and contracting partner

You can track our progress in the field by clicking HERE. The map currently reflects projects completed up through the previous quarter and is updated quarterly. Over the next twelve months our goal is to update the map monthly so you can view as close to ‘real time’ field data as possible.

When you click on each project on the map, you’ll see the name of the community, the GPS coordinates and the managing partner. Save this link to our progress page so you can check back regularly. Not only will be be providing more timely data, we’ll also be adding more detailed information on each project so you can be even more involved in praying specifically for the communities we’re serving together with the Gospel and clean water.

We’re honored to serve alongside each one of you in 2016 and consider it a privilege to partner with you in bringing the Gospel and clean water to all of Liberia by 2020!