James Vah: A True Ambassador for Christ

by | Oct 1, 2015 | Clean Water News, Stories

James Vah is our Southeast Director of Operations for The Last Well in Liberia. He’s one of the most passionate evangelists we’ve ever met. He oversees our evangelistic work and water projects in the Southeast region of Liberia and loves his work. We’ve also helped James to start his own company. He decided to call his water provision company “THE LAST WORK”. After the last well is drilled and the Gospel is preached to that last village in Liberia, James and his company will continue to provide repair and maintenance services for years to come.

As you watch his story, be inspired by the fact that God has put you and James on the same team, working together to make sure every Liberian has access to clean water and has heard the message of Jesus Christ by 2020.

Click HERE to help James serve the thousands of families in the southeast region of Liberia who still need help by 2020. $79 will provide one family with the Gospel and water for life. Give today so James can bring clean water and the Gospel to the family or families you decided to financially support.

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