Grand Kru County Receives Well

by | Aug 17, 2016 | Clean Water News

Grand Kru County

“I do all of this for the sake of the gospel…”

1 Corinthians 9:23

“Welcome to the end of the world” is how our team was greeted in the county of Grand Kru just a few weeks ago in Southeastern Liberia. The people in this remote area of Liberia will say this with a grin on their faces, but in all seriousness they can feel like they are in a part of the world that is nearly forgotten. But God has NOT forgotten them–HE is equipping HIS people to bring HIS message to the entire nation of Liberia whether by truck, motorcycle, boat, or all of the above!

Our teams are doing whatever it takes for the Gospel & Clean Water to reach ALL of Liberia, and we can truly say that they are running the race that has been set before them.

It’s because of teams like these that we were able to celebrate what will be accomplished in Grand Kru county in the coming weeks. Our Founder & President, Todd Phillips, along with the Liberian President’s Office & Ministry of Public Works flew down to Grand Kru two weeks ago to announce and celebrate 100% Coverage with the Gospel & Clean Water for the county of Grand Kru! THAT’S RIGHT! In just a few weeks the last well will be drilled in Grand Kru making it the very first county reached 100% with the Gospel & Clean Water.

With just 53 months to go, we are more fired up than ever for history to be made and for God to get ALL the glory. Thanks to God’s provision and supporters like you, we will see it happen! Please continue to pray for Grand Kru and the remaining 14 counties in Liberia, and that the name of Jesus be known all throughout the nation!

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