Gola Is An Unreached People No More!

by | Jul 19, 2016 | Clean Water News, Partner News, Safe Water Systems

Gola people

Reaching the Unreached

Hearing the name of Jesus for the first time!

The Gola people in Bomi County, Liberia have been considered an “unreached” people group by many sources – meaning, these people have never had the opportunity to hear the Gospel…UNTIL NOW!

By God’s provision of The Last Well’s three-way partnership with the Christian Revival Church Association of Liberia (CRCA) & Water of Life, and with the use of our Safe Water Systems for Families (SWS), lives are being transformed among the Gola people. Our teams in field said, “The CRCA Evangelism team has been showing the Jesus film and doing outreach in various Gola villages and there has been abundant fruit.”

There have also been challenges. Many of the Gola villages are Muslim and have been closed off to hearing the Gospel. However, the SWS has created a great opportunity to be used as a tool to earn the right to be heard with the Gola people. CRCA teams take the time to meet each household individually, install their SWS, and share the good news of Jesus Christ as they connect the need for clean water to the “living water.” (John 4)

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Our teams are also excited to see the ongoing discipleship from churches being planted among the Gola people. The CRCA team said that, “It is beautiful to see the love and trust that is being built, health improving, spiritual transformation, and communities being unified!”

Before CRCA & Water of Life go out to each village, they spend time preparing and praying over the Safe Water Systems that will be given to each family. We invite you to pray along with us and our partners to see more lives transformed through the Gospel and provision of clean water. We give thanks and praise God for what he has done, and will continue to do among the Gola people and through all of Liberia!


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