Bomi County Receives Its Last Well

by | Jul 12, 2016 | Clean Water News

BIG News in Bomi County

The first county in Liberia is nearly complete! That’s right, the first of 15 counties in Liberia– BOMI COUNTY–will soon be fully reached with the Gospel & clean water! CLICK ON THE VIDEO ABOVE TO HEAR THE EXCITING NEWS FROM OUR FOUNDER AND PRESIDENT, DR. TODD PHILLIPS.

And this is just the beginning!

By the end of this year two entire counties in Liberia–Bomi and Grand Kru–will be reached border-to-border with the Good News of Jesus and fresh, clean, life-giving water. The children in these counties will never again need to spend hours each day fetching dirty water. They will have year around access to clean water just minutes from their homes. They’ll be able to go to school…have a hope and a future!

Bomi County

Water-borne illnesses will no longer have a stronghold in these areas and it’s all being provided in the name of Jesus! That is our goal–that Liberia not only be reached with safe water, but that Liberia might become the most Gospel-saturated country in the world.

All of this is only possible with your support. Thank you for being a world-changer and believing God for great things.

If you can, support another village and see another 600 Liberians transformed with the Gospel & Clean Water. Share this news with your network and invite others into what God is doing in Liberia.


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