2015 Last Well Partner Conference A Huge Success

by | Aug 5, 2015 | Clean Water News, Partner News

2015 Last Well Partner Conference

The Last Well’s 2015 Partner Conference was held on July 29th in Monrovia, Liberia. Far more people filled the room than were expected as word continues to reach across the country that water is coming and Jesus is bringing it! Well over 1/3 of the attendees had never attended one of our partner conferences before. We spent the entire day together celebrating what God has done over the past six years to reach 900,000+ people with water and the Gospel. Then, we looked forward to how we would work together to bring water and the Gospel to the estimated one million Liberians who still lack access to a life-saving and life-sustaining clean water source and have not heard the Gospel.

Attendees were excited and engaged in each session and expressed their sense of hope that God was going to reach all of Liberia by 2020. They shared with a sense of pride that Liberia would be the first developing nation in history to achieve universal access to clean water for all it’s citizens. I heard many attendees share that God was showing them that he has not abandoned the people of Liberia even though they’ve struggled with Ebola and war and poverty. They shared that God is bringing life to Liberia because “we all know, water IS life.”

Please join us in praying for all of the Liberians who attended the conference that God gives each of them insight, wisdom, strength and endurance to carry out their part of this God-sized mission. I personally left with an overwhelming sense of joy at the way God had brought together so many people to share in a single vision. To God be the glory!