2015 Ends With A Huge Win For The Gospel

by | Dec 30, 2015 | Clean Water News


Many of you have been keeping track of our progress with the BONG COUNTY MATCHING GRANT CHALLENGE. An anonymous donor created the challenge in an effort to bring the Gospel and clean water to all of Bong County, one of the largest regions in Liberia. He agreed to fund HALF of the $1,103,080 needed to reach that region with the Gospel and clean water IF we were able to raise the other half.

Thanks to you, we not only reached our $551,540 goal, we EXCEEDED the goal by $9,032!

As you read this, evangelism, church planting, and water provision teams are working tirelessly to bring the Gospel and clean water to over 250,000 Liberians in Bong. Their goal is to reach all of Bong County by the end of next year!

THANK YOU to all of you who gave to the Bong County Challenge and for the rest of you who gave financially this year to make 2015 the most impactful year yet for the Lord through our work in Liberia!