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The Last Well Fundraiser: Founder Living on Lake Ray Hubbard

This fall Todd Phillips, the Founder and Executive Director of the nonprofit organization The Last Well, is bringing “living water” to the country of Liberia by living on the water himself.

Phillips has always been dedicated to his mission to bring clean water to all 500,000 inhabitants of Liberia and to spread the Christian gospel along the way. But in order to reach The Last Well’s ultimate goal – clean water across the country by 2020 – he has opted to prove his commitment through an unconventional fundraiser.

The Last Well Fundraiser

Phillips is living on a barge floating in Lake Ray Hubbard indefinitely until The Last Well reaches its fundraising goal of $2,290,000. As of October 26, 2018, Phillips has been living on the barge for 17 days and has raised $1,381,128–60% of total goal.

The concept for The Last Well Fundraiser was designed to call attention to the fact that while we have an abundance of clean drinking water in America, Liberians do not have this basic necessity.

“Most of the drinking water for East Dallas comes from Lake Ray Hubbard,” Phillips said. “We wanted to do something that shows we have water, but they don’t, and that’s not ok.”

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