Why Liberia?

Liberia is a beautiful coastal country in West Africa. In the midst of its rolling plains and majestic wildlife there are ONE MILLION people who do not have access to safe water. That is the population of the metropolitan area of San Antonio, Texas. Imagine an entire major American city with access only to unsafe, disease-infested water. In the US it is unimaginable. Yet, ONE MILLION people wake up every day in Liberia without access to safe water. Our goal is to remedy that problem.

Why Liberia? Liberia meets all the essential requirements for the world-changing TLW mission:

  • Liberia is on the continent of Africa. We want to reach the neediest of the needy first, and the need in Liberia is great. We want to stop the death and suffering there now, in Christ’s name.
  • Africa is in the news. Governments, Hollywood, and NGO’s (non-governmental Organizations) are focused on Africa. That focus doesn’t make Africa any more important from God’s perspective than any other continent. However, we believe that God can use the current focus and interest in the continent of Africa leverage what He will accomplish in Liberia. We believe Liberia will be simply the first of many nations that will benefit from border-to-border clean water initiatives in the coming years.
  • The time frame. With God’s direction and involvement, we believe clean water can be provided to all of Liberia before the end of this decade, less than 72 months from now. This vision is possible in a finite time frame. As we have shared this vision with primarily Christian young adults around America, they say with a unified voice that they want to be a part of something that shows God’s grandeur and His ability to accomplish a task that is bigger than men can accomplish on their own. Over the past six years, God has reached over HALF A MILLION Liberians with water and the Gospel. With approximately ONE MILLION left to reach, we have a challenging but exciting road ahead of us. The progress is encouraging to say the least.
  • Geography. Liberia is a coastal country with very few topographical and geographical obstacles or limitations. In other words, the structure of the ground is such that wells can be drilled with relatively few limitations. This allows us to move quickly and maximize our efforts.
  • Politics. Although Liberia has many political challenges, it affords us a relatively calm political climate. Political upheaval creates many of the challenges to providing clean water to other African countries. This is not currently the case in Liberia.

Join us in providing safe water for every Liberian in Jesus’ name.

Join us in sharing the message of Jesus Christ with the 1.4 million people we have yet to serve through this project.

Join us as we witness God bring countless Liberians into His family.

Join us as the name of Jesus becomes more famous to those who don’t yet know Him.